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4th May 2013


Freaking A

Maaaan, people using such a major argument against Catholics, the “good works saves” argument.  Saying that the Catholic Church teaches that good works are also needed to be saved.  Council of Trent clearly stated, “None of those things which precede justification, whether faith or works, merit the grace of justification; for it is by grace, it is not now by works, otherwise, as the Apostle Paul says, grace is no more grace”  

Use of such a huge argument for the Catholics aren’t Christian that actually isn’t even true.  The church does not teach that good works are a requirement to come to God and be saved, it is exactly the opposite, as the Council of Trent stressed.  Must bring it up to a teacher I had a disagreement with on this topic.  He claimed that the Catholic Church also teaches that good works are a must have to attain salvation.  Which is actually wrong.  I told myself I wouldn’t bring up that argument again, unless one of his claims of what the Catholic Church does is false, because then he is believing something the Catholic Church does that it doesn’t even do.  

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19th April 2013


7News Live Streaming Video →

This is a live streaming thing that is live streaming what is happening in Boston right now.  There is an MIT police officer shot and killed on campus and one suspect in custody and in the hospital after being shot.  There are a lot of unexploded ordinance in the vicinity.  Look at it, it has up to date news on the situation.

26th March 2013


WTF moment on Pokemon Showdown

So I’m on Pokemon Showdown and I’m doing rated Random Battles. The other person (KeepsCrashing) has a Rayquaza as the first pokemon out. I have a life orbed Bagon. He uses Dragon Claw, I lose 88% HP. My little bagon, the little trooper he is, OHKO’s the Rayquaza with his own little Dragon Claw. He survives with 1% HP. Taking damage from the life orb and stuff. We both pause and simulatenously say “Wat” And we both take time to just come to realization of what just happened. A BAGON KILLED A RAYQUAZA WITH THE EXACT SAME MOVE THE RAYQUAZA USED.

21st March 2013

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I can’t stop laughing at this.

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21st March 2013

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One day I’ll tell my grandchildren that I survived the end of the world 5 times



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20th March 2013

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17th March 2013

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8th March 2013


Scumbag rain….

Freaking rain, from karate we went on a run, which was fine and all.  Well we were at the top of the hill, which is the exact halfway point for our run.  From there we planned to turn back from it.  And guess what happens when we reach the top of the hill.  IT STARTS TO DRIZZLE … scumbag rain.

7th March 2013

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18th February 2013

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AHAHAH I laughed so hard xD


AHAHAH I laughed so hard xD